42 Member Universities benefited from Capacity building and systems strengthening Training organized by HEIs Partnership forum in collaboration with strategic partners mandated for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control programs in Ethiopia

1. Higher Education Instituions' partnershipsub-forum against HIV/AIDS organized various capcity building and sytems strengthening trainings for member higher education instituions drawn from public and private sectors . Among those trainings and platforms created by the sub-forum,   1.1. Training workshop aimed at reviewing performance of member Universities in implementing Strategic Plan I(  2012/13-2015) was conducted at Adama TETAS International Hotel. Representative Universities presented the major achivements, challenges and way forward with regards to executing SPM I. Some of these universities include, but not limed to Haramaya University, Arbaminch University, Mekele University, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa Science and Technology University, St Mary's University, Jigjiga University,       2. Eighty foour (plus 2) instructors(1m&1F) drawn from 42 HEIs participat; conducted  with partial  funding support  from UNFPA. The syllabus is refined by the trainees (upgrading the credit hrs and contents along with methodologies) then this was reported to and shared with EC and final course syllabus mailed to all HEIs( for conextualized execution in the coming budget/academic year).