Background of the higher education inistitutions (HEIs) partnerships of the sub-forum

Established: In August 2010

Purpose:  To create an environment for the public and private higher education institutions in the country to work together for the promotion of information sharing, joint planning and undertake research on HIV/AIDS & SRH related issues; Represents all higher education institutions (33 public & 31 private higher education institutions) in the country;

Vision: o see Higher education Institutions free of HIV & AIDS and thereby contribute to the national vision of seeing HIV& AIDS free Ethiopia;

Mission : Help harness effectively the efforts and resources of HEIs in combating HIV/AIDS among their communities as well as the society at large; 

General Objectives :  To serve as a formal and representative coordination mechanism where all HEIs  come together in an organized manner for a meaningful involvement and scaled up response to enhance effectiveness,  synergy, accountability, education and national ownership;   

Structure: HEIs P/Forum composed of General Assembly (GA) & Executive Committee (EC)

  • GA:  Chaired by MOE and co-chaired by FHAPCO
  • Members of GA are mainly University Presidents
  • EC: Representative of GA
  • Committee composed of Chairperson, D/chairperson &  secretary as well as coordinator to implement the day-to-day activities

Guiding principle

  • Sense of Urgency
  • Commitment, Ownership and Sustainability
  • Partnership and Multi-sectoral Approach
  • Human Rights
  • Efficient Utilization of Resources
  • Harmonization and Mainstreaming
  • Gender Sensitivity and Responsiveness
  • Holistic Wellness Approaches
  • Evidence-Based Interventions