Curricular Mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS/SRH Gender & Life Skills Course implemented

The coordination office of the forum in collaboration with Ministry of Education, FHAPCO and key partners has developed  final draft  course syllabus with guidelines and manuals on Mainstreaming HIV/AIDs,SRH, Gender & LIfe Skills Course in to the curriculum of Higher Education Institutions.

This draft document is submitted to Executive Committee (EC) member of the sub forum  for review and final approval/endorsement before being circulated to all HEIs in Ethiopia. The  comments to be obtained from EC will be incorporated by the Technical Working Group before the subsequent interventions.


After approval, the course is (, i.e. 5ECTS)  will be and/ or already being implmented at all member HEIs (public&Private) for all undergraduete programs  as per the direction and preparation processes including TOT for teachers drawn from 42 member Universities (Public and Private), expected  being approval by the Senate and Academic and Programs Management departments ofthe respective higher education instituions, etc. .