General Assembly

Membership of the General assembly
The General Assembly of the partnership sub-Forum shall be constituted by people officially delegated by each member organization mainly the University president or delegated person and the HIV/AIDS focal person. Membership of the sub-Forum is open to all Higher education Institutions contributing to the fight against HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia, provided that they have recognition certificate from Ministry of education and accredited to give first degree and above.

The General Assembly is chaired by Ministry of education and co-chaired by FHAPCO.
Members exiting in the Forum for any reason are expected to fulfill any contractual agreement they may have with the Forum until the expiry date, and be aware that any contribution they may have to the Forum shall not be returned. Detailed provisions on this issue will be made in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to be signed by members.  

Members benefit from the Sub-Forum shall be in terms of having a collective and louder voice on HIV/AIDS issues of Higher education Institutions importance, better advocacy and sharing/education, and a harmonized approach that is crucial to make a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  The Sub-Forum is not a funding entity, and there are no financial benefits to the members as such. Members are free to cute membership as per the rule and regulation of the Memorandum of the sub forum.

Representation to the National Partnership
The chair of the Executive Committee of the sub-forum and the Co-ordinator or the Secretary of the Executive Committee shall represent the sub-forum in the Board of the National Partnership Forum.  

Roles and Responsibilities of the General Assembly

  • The General assembly is the highest decision making body on any issues related to the sub forum
  • Approve membership to sub-Forum based on recommendation by the Executive committee
  • Approve budget, strategic and Annual Work Plan of the sub-Forum and review its accountability reports
  • Review the progress of the sub-Forum against its objectives and action plans and make recommendations
  • Promote partnership/networking and genuine representation of constituencies
  • Provide guidance on the strategic direction and focus of the sub-Forum
  • Elect and/or dissolve members of the Executive committee.
  • Together with the Executive Committee prepare and submit nominees of best achievers among members in the fight against HIV/AIDS forward.
  • Address any strategic issues submitted for its review by the Executive committee.