Specific Objectives

  • Strengthen the technical Capacities of the member Higher Education Institutions in the design, implementation and delivery of HIV related Services.
  • Advocate for the effective mainstreaming of HIV and AIDS in the core and support services of the member higher education institution.
  • Promote and facilitate equitable representation and active participation of higher education institutions in dialogues on issues of strategic importance in the national response to HIV/AIDS as part of the National Partnership forum process.
  • Assist in improving and scaling up the HIV/AIDS response by Higher education Institutions through the design and implementation of evidence in formed strategic and interventions.
  • Facilitate a co-coordinated and harmonized approach among Higher education Institution in terms of their response to the epidemic.
  • Create opportunity and system for a review of progress of member institutions, including intra-and inter-sectoral peer review mechanism, by the members to enhance mutual accountability
  • Facilitate and Support information generating & exchange, best practice compilation and dissemination to assist scaling up the multi-sectoral response through evidence informed strategies.
  • Establish harmonious collaboration with local and external partners.