Will be uploading Curricular Mainstreaming Course syllabus on Comprehensive HIV/AIDS/SRH only for member Higher Education Institutions

Dear Program  direcors/heads/coordinators , and CTGs (Curricular TOT Graduate Instructors), We are so flattered while sharing this  information for quickly sharing the refined final version(for those newly assigned directorss as it was alread sent to all others re-  of the Comprehensive HIV/AIDS SRH Course syllabus  (Pls note that this document is already shared to all  member public and private Universities in the first month of 2009EFY/Academic year).  We will also share with you our feedback after Joint Supportive SUpervison and best practices of all those committed Universities on how they cascaded  TOT  (  some universities conducted 5 days Training of male and female instructors and department heads and leaders before delving in course offering to all undergraduate program students at regular and extension schemes inthe 1st and 2nd semester of this academic year.).